Listen to Music Associated with Different Emotions

  • The songs in this playlist have low sound levels, a slow pace and are largely made up of minor chords. These songs are therapeutic in nature and are commonly used whilst dealing with people with mental health issues such as depression. 

  • According to a survey conducted by "Family Center for Recovery" around 89% of people turn to music to feel better when feeling depressed.

  • Studies also show that music with these characteristics make people who feel sad relate more to the song and has a calming effect on the listener. 

The songs in this playlist are made up of pop punk and rock music

A study carried out at The University of Queensland suggests that extreme music, genres like heavy metal, emo, hardcore, punk and screamo can help people to process their anger. 

One of the most popular genres used to ease anxiety is classical music, this is because it has a calming effect and help to decrease your heart rate and overall anxiety levels